Kristina Applegate, Portrait Artist

Kristina Applegate is an American portrait artist recognized for her work with celebrities using recycled, once-loved everyday objects, dressing her subjects with passion, flair, and a gaze that never leaves you. Kristina lives in Saint Johns, Florida, and Charlestown, Rhode Island. Additionally, she occasionally runs international Kids Share Workshops, writes blog articles, designs websites, is obsessed with gardening, follows her swashbuckler actor husband on off-road adventures, and leads teen groups in experiential, authentic experiences at home and aboard. 

“My goal as an artist is to create an intense gaze upon the viewer, allowing them to feel intimate with the subject at that moment.” -Kristina Applegate.

*Please see all of Kristina Applegate’s social media, website, and resume organized on one page at LinkTree!


Check out Kristina Applegate on The Horse’s Mouth, Buzz Media TV with Tom McManus! 

“The Horse’s Mouth” with Kristina Applegate from UpCycling Portraits and Kids Share Workshops

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